PICS Bag Promotion with Limu Inaria FCU

Shayashone team has been at Limu Inaria Cooperative Union in Jimma Zone to monitor progress of PICS implementation. This program is supported by SNV-Agritera (C4C Program). IMG_0697The team visited storage of PICS at farmers’ houses and made demonstration to over 40 extension agents from Limu Kosa, Seqa, Chora Bottera and Nono Benja weredas. The response from farmers as well as extension agents is inspiring-if supply is assured PICS can be a breakthrough technology. On its way back to Addis, the team stopped at PICS vendors in Qersa district. The two vendors there have already run out of stock. They sold 1500 bags within a short period and now they are waiting for additional 2000 bags.