Agricultural Information System

Having involved in different agriculture value chain analysis and development projects our consulting team has identified one of the prevailing problems in the sector is access to real time reliable information access by the value chain actors. This has pushed the team to think of a solution that can help overcoming the long lasting challenges.

The agricultural Information system department focusing on delivering reliable, timely and actionable information to farmers other parties in the sector. Our main focus is to provide small holder farmers with Agricultural Market Information, Weather Alert, Quick Agric-Tips and Supply Information for some specific inputs.

Short Message Service (SMS) is used as a means of delivery while other technologies will come to the table later on. The strong edge Shayashone possess over its competitors is its ground8017-fb level presence and content driven approach.

Our technology partners are well known in the ICT4AGRI sector. They provide a tailor made solution which has considered the infrastructure and competency challenges of small holder farmers.

Currently, we are working in partnership with PICS3 project to promote PICS (Purdue Improved Crop Storage) bags by complementing it to community radio talk show programs.

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