Two high-density polyethylene inner plastics fit inside an outer sack composed of woven polypropylene (PP)
A youth reseller promoting and selling PICS bags at a market

By 2025, we aim to sav100 million KG of grain and directly contribute for food security and food safety of 2 million Ethiopians! We aspire to grow within the region and make our  lasting impact in stoping hunger safely. Since 2015, SYS and its sistern company PHK have been manufacturing and distributing Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags under license from PICS Global. PICS bags, meracle bags as often called by farmers, are chemical free safe storage technology with estimated useful life of 3 production cycles and above. Grains stored in PICS bags can stay over 2 years without losing freshness and free from any weevil attack; all without any chemical.  Beyond our product innovation, our Youth Reseller based last mile distribution and extension embded commercialization models have brought solid impact for us to reach 10,000 villages with 5 years, create over 500 vendors and youth reseller network dealing with our miracle bags and adoption by close to 1 million households. Our effort has been recognized by government and development partners as most committed private sector engagement with lasting and multiple impact and we feel proud and humble for that!

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