IAP(Innovation Against Poverty)

Private sector development has proven to be a real catalyst of change when it comes to creating the opportunity for low income people to lift themselves out of poverty. Additionally, low income markets represent a large business opportunity: the four billion people living on less than $8 USD a day constitute a global consumer market with a shared purchasing power valued at 5 trillion USD. The low income population provides the potential to increase labour, supplier and distribution channels that can support expanded production and market supply. This offers significant scope for entrepreneurship and private sector development to make a positive impact on low income people’s quality of life.

IAP is a specialized fund with specific mandate to identify and support innovative inclusive business models that deliver both commercial benefit for the private sector and developmental benefits for the low income population in both rural and urban areas. IAP funding is applied to implement an innovative inclusive business idea titled “Commercialization of PICS bags for Household Food, Nutrition, Income Security and Job Opportunity for youth by adopting youth reseller Model” with the objective of :-

  • Establishing efficient and cost effective supply chain that improves availability and accessibility of PICS Bags in 15 selected zones and 30 woredas.
  • Contributing to household food and income security by reducing post-harvest loss for grains and improved technology for Enset fermentation.
  • Contributing to youth and women wellbeing by providing simple, labor and cost saving technology as well as creating job opportunities.