Making a Difference in Ethiopia’s Agribusiness

As the harvesting and storage  season is foiling, Shayashone is proud to announce its 10th year anniversary and wishing the Ethiopian agriculture and agribusiness community a productive harvest and storage season ahead. We take pride in building a reputation in making a difference in Ethiopian Agriculture and Agribusiness together with our clients and partners. 

On this special event of our anniversary, we want our clients and partners to know that your trust and support have always been the biggest driver for our continued growth! You have always been an integral part of our journey. Without you, this journey would never have been so epic.

Happy 10th Year Anniversary!!!

Our 10 years journey in making a difference

Shayashone (SYS) was first established as a logistics company in 2010 by two young Ethiopian entrepreneurs. They named the company after two Ethiopian rivers; Shaya (found in Bale) and Shone (found in Jimma). Through the years, SYS has diversified its business portfolios and is now running five major business lines from its three offices in the country. Portfolio expansion to neighboring countries is within our target for the coming years.


Our Business Portfolio



Shayashone is a company that is unapologetically practical with deep insights into possible scenarios. During our life span, we have been engaged in over 100 projects. We have been involved in designing and executing complex developmental programs with a passionate development heart and private mindset.


Client’s Testimony


 With pleasure, I work with the team of Shayashone, headed by Yared Sertse. SYS is a flexible organization, client-oriented, and high professional standards. They deliver on their promise, which makes SYS a valuable business partner. Yared Sertse, as the exemplary director of SYS, is well networked and respected. Working with him always leads to something new: creativity, networking, and strategic insights come together when we discuss new opportunities. I congratulate Yared and his team on their 10th anniversary and wish those many good years to come in which we continue to cooperate.

Huub Mudde(Ph.D.)
   Project Director
 Maastricht School of   Management

Commercialization of Social Impact Product

Making an impact and a difference is in our DNA!

The PICS Hermetic grain Storage Bags have been one of the most transformative social impact product commercialization in Ethiopian agribusiness over the last five years. During these years, we have developed markets in Ethiopia from zero to millions.

SYS product commercialization team in partnership with governmental and development partners has been the architect of this most regarded development in Ethiopia and we are venturing the same in neighboring Countries- Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

We have expanded our social impact product portfolio to household water filter distribution. We hope to extend the success of the PICS storage bags in impacting millions of households in Ethiopia with safe drinking water.

Client’s Testimony

Shayashone has been a reliable partner in disseminating hermetic PICS bags among smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. The success of PICS in Ethiopia has been the result of approaches to scale-up the adoption of technologies among smallholder farmers.


Dr. Dieudonné Baributsa  
Purdue University
 PICS Global Commercialization Program Director


Manufacturing and Distribution

All that we do is linked to what we believe in! Here at Shayashone making a difference is our motto and hence, we manufacture and distribute products that make a difference in the lives of Ethiopian households! Currently, we manufacture PICS and Nazava water filter. Along with that, our distribution network of over 300 vendors in different parts of Ethiopia has been an instrument to reach our products in space and time. Besides our manufactured products, we import and distribute agricultural inputs and farm tools.

Export and Import

Currently, we are exporting PICS hermetic storage bags to neighboring countries; Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan. On top of PICS bags, we are also exporting agricultural products such as oilseed and pulses. The relationship we have built with farmers has contributed to our motives in entering the export of selected agricultural products!

In addition, we aim to add the export of our water filter to the region shortly. On the other hand, we are importing agrochemicals, farm tools, and industrial inputs. Soon we planned to add seed in our assortment with an ultimate aim of extending import to local production