About us

Shayashone trading plc aims to serve the community with premier agriculture facilitation here in Ethiopia and worldwide in partnership with local, international and governmental organisations. Shayashone has managed hundreds of successful projects over 10 years. Prioritising to improve food and nutritional security; Commercialisation and last-mile distribution of social impact products; Manufacturing and export agricultural products. We chose to win through difficult situations with hard work, competence, consistency and taking projects from a grass-root approach to global policy that will have a lasting impact on our society and overall of ethiopian agricultural development.

Our people: Our current permanent employees are over 30 who are dedicated to serve our clients with the most creative, supportive and forward thinking attitude as such;

  •  Young, energetic and experienced 
  • Local team with proven international experience
  • Multidisciplinary
  • High capacity of project implementation skill from grassroots to global policy.

Our vision: Build a brand that goes beyond generations and boundaries!

Our Mission: To deliver unparalleled services with maximum and lasting impact on our clients.

Our Competencies


  • Business Model Development
  • Market research 
  • Project design and implementation 
  • Agri-business advisory
  • Agri-business strategy development 
  • Private sector developmental training 
  • Hosting and fund management 
  • Investment opportunity assessment 

Commercialization and last mile distributions on social impact product.

  • Training and couching youth reseller model 
  • Demand creation and ROI promotional programs 
  • Market demostration 
  • 24/7 Open call agricultural support 


  • PICS Bag
    • Chemical -free hermetic storage technologies for household food-income-nurtrition security 
    • The estimated useful life is 3 production cycle and above.
    • Through the use of PICS bags, smallholders can save up to 12,000 tons of maize, chikpea and other cereals by adopting a million Pics bags. with a lower assmption of price, this represents $2.2 million additional income and enough food to feed 40,000 people. 
  • Nazava water filter 
    • Nazava uses dutch water filtration technology.
    • Since 2018 Nazava water filters has been evaluated by WHO 
    • 99.99% safe drink recived from after filtration, tap, well and rain water can be drunk driectly 


  • Exporting pulses & oil crops (navy pea bean, small red kidney bean, creamy bean, pinto bean, black bean, light and red speckled beans, chickpeas, sesame, etc...) to Asia and Europe countries 

  • Other main export are two of our manufacturing finished products PICS bags and Nazava water filter to our neighbouring countries( Somalia, Sudana nd South sudan...)