About us

Shayashone trading PLC is an agribusiness consultancy and Agri-input Exporter and Importer Company that aims to serve the community with premier agriculture facilitation here in Ethiopia and worldwide in partnership with local, international and governmental organizations. Shayashone has managed hundreds of successful projects over 10 years. Shayashone (SYS) was first established as a logistics company in 2010 by two young Ethiopian entrepreneurs. They named the company after two Ethiopian rivers; Shaya (found in Bale) and Shone (found in Jimma).Through the years, SYS has diversified its business portfolios and is now running five major business lines in the country. Portfolio expansion to neighboring countries is within our target for the coming years.

Our vision: Build a brand that goes beyond generations and boundaries!

Our Mission: To deliver unparalleled services with maximum and lasting impact on our clients.

Our Value: Making sustainable impact through continuous improvement, commercial viability and people centered business.


Sister Company

 PHK Trading PLC is an Ethiopian distribution company affiliated to Shayashone. PHK Trading was established in 2017 as a sole distributor of PICS Bags in Ethiopia. The PICS bags are chemical free storage technology that protect crops from any insect attack. The bags are innovated by Purdue University and the trademark is currently operated worldwide by PICS Global. PHK is the sole authorized distributor of PICS bags in Ethiopia. PHK owns a network of more than 400 regional vendors and over 350 youth resellers connected to the regional vendors. PHK positions itself as a social impact product distributor