Fund Management

SYS manages a number of projects within the agriculture and Education sectors in which we are co-implementing. Our company has an extensive local network of Ethiopian Universities, Private Sector actors, Public institutions and international development partners operating within Ethiopia and East Africa. International organizations with projects and programs in Ethiopia can consider our company as a reliable partner to offer expertise, dedicated office and project financial management services.

Fund Management and Hosting


Shayashone has successfully taken a number of hosting and fund management projects over the last one decade.


Our fund management and hosting services has four interrelated pillars:

  • Financial resource management 
  • Human resource management 
  • Project Contract Administration 
  • Project Event and logistics facilitation

Our company has worked with a number of international organizations 


Zoeties: - Zoeties is the leading animal health company in the world. Shayashone is providing support in event coordination and facilitation of a series of trainings for veterinary professions.


Wageningen University (Center for Development Innovation): - Our company has organized a number of international courses and managed finance and logistics for Ethiopia and the region. Some of our services include:

  • Course Promotion
  • Handling travel and course logistics
  • Managing course finance
  • Reporting on performance

Bright Future in Agriculture (Nuffic): - Our company has been responsible for partial program management, and fund and HR management.