Hermetic Storage Technology (HST)

Since 2015, PHK, Shayashone's sister company have been manufacturing and distributing Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags under license from PICS Global. HST bags, ''The Miracle bag'' as often called by farmers, are chemical free safe storage technology with estimated useful life of 3 production cycles and above.

Shayashone was assigned by Purdue University to develop the market and supply chain for the Purdue Improved Crop Storage (HST) bag in Ethiopia since 2014. The HST bag is a three-layer storage technology that keeps grain free from insect infestation for more than two years. The bags protect crop by reducing the flow of oxygen which is needed for existence and reproduction by insects. HST bag is a safe, simple to use, and chemical-free storage system that is affordable for the smallholder and eliminates the need for traditional use of insecticides being applied to the grain during storage. In partnership with development and government institutions, the company has managed to launch HST bags in over 10,000 villages within the country and generate cumulative sales of 4,158,098 bags. PHK have deployed 13,695 ICT aided radio commercials, 32 talk shows, 25 TV commercials and an incoming and outgoing sms close to 56,000 as part of the promotional campaign for PICS. Annual sales of the number of HST bags have grown from 9,000 in 2014 to 1,739,232 in 2020/21. However; 1,739,232 bag sales in 2020/21 would account for only 1.64% of Ethiopia’s 2020/21 maize crop production. Shayashone's sister company PHK Trading PLC is the sole authorized distributor of HST bags holding the royalty for the technology from PICS Global. 

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