Our water filters are designed to make life easier and healthier. The filters are designed in the Netherlands and remove 99.9% of bacteria. The water purifiers store 16 liter of safe drinking water which means that it will never run out of safe drinking water. All the materials are virgin and food contact safe.

The Nazava Riam water filter is designed by Delft University With Elegant Dutch Design. NAZAVA Provides safe water for your family, It turns well, river, tap and rain water into water that is ready to drink and keeps your family safe from diarrhea and other waterborne diseases. There is no need to boil or buy water anymore, imagine the savings.

The filter is very easy to use. You just pour water into the upper container and wait for the water to filter through the ceramic filter candle. After that you can tap the water from the lower container and continue drinking.

The filter is designed to remove bacteria and dirt from water and does so very effectively. The filter can remove 99.99% of bacteria from the water.

The Nazava project revolves around giving a sustainable access to clean drinking water. We took an innovative product of the Nazava water filter that had a success story in Indonesia and decided to bring this product to the rural areas of Ethiopia.

Our Key partners in the project are a Netherlands company Resilience BV from the Netherlands, Nazava PT Holland for water Indonesia, iDE Ethiopia and the Amhara Bureau of Health for this specific project.

Our main goal is to have an outcome of distribution household water filters for 50,000 Ethiopian Households and being able to provide safe drinking water. To have an output of 100 local extensions trained workers that raise awareness and sales of the filter. To eventually create a joint venture company that assembles the product in Ethiopia and has the capacity to provide jobs for local people.

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