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published by N2Africa under putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers in africa project
18 August, 2020
According to World Bank (2016) data Agriculture accounts for 37.23% of the total Ethiopian GDP and 80% livelihood. The agricultural sector is predominantly based smallholder farmers (95%). Average...
Implicatioin of new export regulation on Ethiopia's sesame
9 August, 2020
Sesame is an important export commodity for Ethiopia. Over the last five years, the country exported close to 2 billion USD worth of Sesame in aggregate; USD396 million per year on average. Though...
Sector assement for EU export
9 August, 2020
Ethiopia grows over 23 culinary and aromatic herbs and over 100 medicinal herbs that are currently on use at commercial scale. The annual production of major edible herbs in Ethiopia is estimated to...
Ethiopian Gum and resin sector
30 July, 2020
The market for gum Arabic, Gum Olibanum and Myrrh, major gum and resin supply from Africa, is estimated to be USD 950 million. The annual export of natural gum and resins is estimated to be 800...