Consultancy and Fund Management

Our Consulting team offers a sharp insight into the Ethiopian Agribusiness Sector. Over the last decade, we have engaged in over 100 projects that include complex sector and value chain assessments and have taken part in designing development and investment projects that involve over 100 million USD. We pride ourselves as a company that offers top international standard consulting services with local experts who have hands-on experience in the operations of the Ethiopian Agribusiness and Investment Sectors.Our major specializations are in Agribusiness and Investment Advise, Project and Program Development, Food and Water System Assessments, and Inclusive Business.


What makes Shayashone unique from other consulting firms is the fact that it has a strong and robust practical experience in both development and corporate sectors at the highest level. Our ground root approach is the other winning edge.

Our professionals have worked with leading corporate companies such as Shell, Heineken, DSM, and Dow Chemicals. From the public and development sector; Amhara and Oromia Regional Governments of FDRE (President Offices), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland in Ethiopia, Gates Foundation, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), IFDC-2SCALE, Wageningen University, Purdue University, Saskatchewan University, ICCO, SNV, and Agriterra are some of our clients. We’ve also worked with several Farmers’ Cooperative Unions (FCU) all over the country. 

Shayashone has extensive experience in Pulses, Oil-seed, Diary, Horticulture, and Cereals. We have expertise in agricultural value-chains program design and implementation, human resource system design and implementation, business strategy development, and market analysis. Shayashone prides itself on giving top expert consultancy service and providing high-quality insights into different sectors of the country to its wide network of partners and clients. For more details about our expertise please refer to our About Us page.


Shayashone is actively engaged in a number of different agricultural and agribusiness focused projects. Over the years we have gained ample experience working with a number of both international and local organizations in managing funds

and hosting projects within the agriculture and agribusiness.


The service we provide under this sector is

1. Project hosting ; including Staffing and contract management


2. Project support services

>> Event management and promotion

>> Logistic (transport and hotel accommodation facilitation)

>> Stakeholder engagement


3. Hosting related business sector service

>> Market research

>> Event facilitation

>> Promotion

>> Investment advisory


4. Fund management


>> Project financial management ;including account co-



>> Managing payroll and other expenses

>> Advisory related to funding

Not only we provide the above services, we help our clients receive regular communications, offer advice on new products or current status and have a full research capability to offer feedback on the optimal structure of a new project. We also produce and advise on documentation such as factsheets, website design, and communication with the press and marketing. Our company has a solid professional integrity with extensive internal and external audit compliance procedure.


Some of our clients


Maastricht School of Management (MSM) :- At present, one of our clients we are hosting is Maastricht School of Management (MSM) a Netherlands Research Institute for management. We host different projects from MSM that we coordinate and facilitate as well.

One of these projects is BFA (Bright Future in Agriculture which works on capacity building of ATVET/TVET colleges for improved employment and food security in Ethiopia.


Zoetis: - Zoetis is the largest global animal health company. One of the projects Zoetis is implementing in Africa is Zoetis ALPHA (African Livestock Productivity and Health Advancement). This initiative is funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The initiative was launched in Uganda and Nigeria in 2017, followed by Ethiopia and Tanzania in 2018. Shayashone is currently managing the fund, logistics and organizing and facilitating events for the organization.