SYS cooperated with the FDRE Ministry of Education (MoE) and Arizona State University (ASU) on the Mastercard Foundation's E-learning for Strengthening Higher Education (E-SHE) project.

E-learning for Strengthening Higher Education (E-SHE) 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the FDRE (MoE), Arizona State University (ASU), and the dynamic team at Shayashone Trading PLC, the Mastercard Foundation has launched a project titled E-learning for Strengthening Higher Education (E-SHE). 

E-SHE aims to revolutionize the higher education system by using the power of digital technology. The primary objective of this partnership is to strengthen the higher education system through the use of digital technology for teaching and equipping young people with the skills needed for employability and entrepreneurship. Through cutting-edge e-learning programs, Ethiopian universities will deliver blended, high-quality education, facilitated by advanced learning management and student information systems.

Through resource sharing, experience exchange, and manpower coordination, we envision a vibrant network of knowledge and innovation. This collaborative approach will empower 800,000 students, 35,000 instructors, 100 IT support staff, and 5 resource centers, ensuring that everyone has access to the best educational opportunities.