Shayashone as an agriculture and agribusiness company has first hand sourcing and quality management, network to meet the demand of the clients for Ethiopian agriculture product. Our company currently is exporting spice, herbs, oilseeds, pulses and Coffee. Other than primary agricultural product, Shayashone is exporting its manufacturing product ( PICS bag) to Sudan, Somali and other neighbouring countries.

Shayashone has been commercializing and distributing its social impact products (PICS bags and Water Filter) to local market and also exporting to neighboring countries. And in recent years, our company has entered the international market with spices, oil seed, and pulses. Our export has reached European and Asian countries so far, and aspires to broaden the destinations in the coming years. 


Our Export products


Spices and Herbs

Ethiopia is the origin for diverse spices and herbs and has a great potential in contributing to global market. Bearing this in mind, Shayashone has started working on expanding its business portfolio to spice sector. And currently exporting spices and herbs with best quality and international standards.

Oilseeds and pulses: - are our main export commodities. Currently, we are building a market and customer relationships in Asia and European countries.

PICS bags: - Post-harvest loss is significantly high in Sub-Saharan Africa; and SYS believes a hermetic technology like PICS bag could be one of the solutions to minimize this problem. Currently, we are expanding the commercialization of PICS technology for storage to the neighboring countries like Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia. We are also planning to reach more countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Water Filter: - Nazava water filter is one of our products that purify polluted water by using a ceramic water filter technology designed and planned to reach rural households on providing safe and affordable drinking water. We are currently working on exporting our water filter to African countries. Our affordable and competitive price will make us able to reach rural households with a low income in all African countries. 

 Coffee:- Ethiopia offers Coffee Arabica, Its distinctive flavor. Our company is sourcing from the origin of coffee in Kaffa, Bench, Sheko and Jimma area.