Social impact marketing and distribution

Our team has built a solid track record in commercialization of social impact products and developing sustainable last mile supply chains in Ethiopia. The youth reseller model that we developed to market and distribute our hermetic storage bags, PICS, have provided us with one of the most challenging yet exciting experiences on how markets and supply chains work to and from the bottom of the pyramid.

Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS ) bags is one of the breakthrough hermetic storage technologies taking in depth ground among African Farmers. The PICS bags protect any crop from weevil and insect infestation for more than two years. The bags can store grain as well as seed with no impact on germination of the seed. PICS scaling up project is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and overall implementation is spearheaded by Purdue University in the USA. Over the last ten years PICS bags have been promoted in over 28 countries in Africa and reached over 50,000 villages. In Ethiopia PICS Scale up project took off in 2014 as pilot. SYS was assigned by Purdue University to lead the Supply Chain Development for PICS bags whereas SASAKAWA Global 2000 and CRS were responsible for leading the extension. Within these three years the product was demonstrated in over 5500 villages and over 500,000 bags have been sold. The annual demand for PICS is doubling or tripling every years.