Vegetable Seed

Collaborating with Easiseeds, SYS and PHK are importing and distributing sustainable vegetable seeds, transforming Ethiopian agriculture.

In partnership with Easiseeds (European Africa Seed Initiatives) a modern- thinking, solution-driven seed company established in 2019 with the goal of fostering sustainable agricultural practices to help farmers throughout Sub- Saharan Africa reach their full potential, Shayashone (SYS), and its affiliated sister company, PHK Trading PLC, have started on a venture to import, commercialize, and distribute vegetable seeds. Commissioned by the Ethiopia- Netherlands Seed Partnership (ENSP), this project includes providing training and coaching agripreneurs, organizing demonstrations at farmers’ plots, and building the capacity of extension workers to deliver quality extension services. This strategic initiative aims not only to grow the agricultural sector but also to bring about positive transformations in the lives of Ethiopian farmers. The entire seed production process is meticulously overseen by experts who conduct regular field inspections. These inspections place a strong emphasis on ensuring varietal purity, absence of diseases, and adherence to other stringent international quality standards. But that is not all, SYS and Easiseeds are also working with the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority and Ministry of Agriculture to register seven high-yielding vegetable seed varieties, including tomato, beetroot, carrot, pepper, watermelon, onion, and cabbage.

Product Varieties
  • Beetroot || Detroit Dark Red
  • Cabbage || Copenhagen Market
  •  Onion || Red Creole
  • Carrot || Nantes 
  • Swiss Chard || Fordhook
  • Giant Tomato || Roma Vf
  • Watermelon || Crimson Sweet
  • Lettuce || Great Lakes 
Product Images

We stand as the premier choice for agribusiness services and products, possessing over a decade of expertise in serving farmers in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. In an effort to expand our influence, we have recently ventured into the education sector. Our success is rooted in strategic partnerships with local, international, and governmental organizations.



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