Our products revolutionize our customers’ agriculture businesses. From cutting-edge Hermetic Storage Technology (HST) ensuring top-notch grain preservation, to high-quality vegetable seeds that promise abundant harvest, and top-tier livestock vaccines and drugs.

Hermetic Storage Technology (HST)

Widely recognized as “The Miracle Bag” among farmers, Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags offer a chemical-free storage solution. These bags have an estimated useful life of three production cycles and beyond, making them a reliable and sustainable technology for secure crop storage.

Vegetable Seeds

Collaborating with Easiseeds, Shayashone and PHK are importing and distributing
sustainable vegetable seeds, transforming Ethiopian agriculture.

Livestock Vaccines and Drugs

Shayashone (SYS) stands as a trusted importer of top-tier Vaccines, from
Zoetis, the world’s largest animal health company, playing a crucial role in
maintaining the health of valuable livestock owned by Ethiopian farmers and
pastoralists. With a strong commitment to disease prevention as the foundation
of animal health, SYS offers a diverse range of high-quality vaccines and drugs
for poultry and ruminants. SYS’s commitment to providing these top-quality
products reflects its integral role in sustaining a healthy and thriving livestock
ecosystem in the region.

We stand as the premier choice for agribusiness services and products, possessing over a decade of expertise in serving farmers in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. In an effort to expand our influence, we have recently ventured into the education sector. Our success is rooted in strategic partnerships with local, international, and governmental organizations.



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