• Shayashone is now a proud member of JCtrans, an international logistics network with over 60,000 members. We hope to improve and widen our services to our clients through this network and get one step closer to achieving our vision!


  • During January 11- 13, 2016 Shayashone sent a team to Djibouti to scope the possibility of expanding to the country to better accommodate the needs of its clients. This expedition to set up an office in Djibouti would better facilitate the clearing  of clients’ cargo coming via unimodal system. The arrangement is also expected to reduce the Djibouti clearing time by up to 50%. 2014-10-23 11.03.09

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  • Successful launch of the Bilateral Ethiopian Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade (2014-10-23 11.03.09BENEFIT) Partnership
    December 16, 2015, Addis Ababa.
    NEWSOne of the biggest milestones in the Agriculture Sector of Ethiopia.
    Many thanks to all the stakeholders who has worked so hard to form the bilateral partnership and here is to five more successful years.



  • Shayashone participated in the 118th Canton Fair in Giangzhou, China from the 15th-20th of October. The aim of the participation was to meet international importers from and exporters to Ethiopia aside from establishing partnerships with Chinese Logistics companies to expand its service range.

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