The total area for legume farming is estimated to be 1.9 million hectares. Of this, 97% is covered by smallholder farmers. Commercial legume farming is emerging in western and north-western parts of the country, namely Gambela, Benishangul, Western Oromia and Amhara regions. Most of the commercial farms deal with mung bean and soybean. For both smallholders and commercial farmers, weed and disease are major problems. 

As such, companies could potentially consider herbicides and pesticides for pulses as
potential business opportunities. Among others, focus on selective postemergence weed killers is more promising. Some of the existing products in the market for weed control are Dual Gold, Strong Arm and non-selective killers such as 24D. However, the supply of these herbicides is very limited. Taking the total acreage and assuming 1 kg herbicide and pesticide per hectare, the total market can be estimated at up to 1.8 million kg.

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