At Shayashone (SYS) PLC, we ensure that our staff, operations, and programs prioritize the safety of children, vulnerable groups, and all individuals we serve, preventing any risk of harm or abuse. Our initiative, e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE), stands as a testament to this commitment, serving as the cornerstone of our safeguarding efforts. From validating our safeguarding policy to providing staff training, establishing support and reporting systems for our staff, and implementing a code of conduct alongside data privacy and protection policy, we have taken a significant pace in fortifying our safeguarding framework. Recently, we had the honor of hosting the seventh round of the Safeguarding Community of Practice in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. This collaborative attempt provided a platform for our fellow Mastercard Foundation partners to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we are committed to setting the highest standards of safeguarding practice.

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We stand as the premier choice for agribusiness services and products, possessing over a decade of expertise in serving farmers in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. In an effort to expand our influence, we have recently ventured into the education sector. Our success is rooted in strategic partnerships with local, international, and governmental organizations.



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